The Three Hidden Benefits Of Lawn Bowls You Never Knew!

We can acknowledge that lawn bowls is a sport and a game that has been around since the early thirteenth century, but it is still a game that is beloved and cherished by a lot of people! For individuals who do not truly understand the game, it might seem like a slow, dull or boring game but once you engage in lawn bowls you would understand just how great it is for everyone! While lawn bowls is fun and allows you to engage with other people it is also something that can have a very positive effect on you mental and physical health as well. A lot of people, young and old both, are seen to spend time playing this particular sport and it truly is a sight to see. If you are just getting in to this activity, then here are three hidden benefits of lawn bowls that you probably never knew!

It is a great fitness routine

In a world full of all kinds of modern conveniences and unhealthy life styles, we often fail to put our physique and health first. If we do not start to think more often about our health, then we would fall victim to various forms of health problems that would only make us unhappy in life. With just a Dreamline xg and some friends, you can get in to the routine of playing lawn bowls and it will soon become a great way of staying fit without the extra hassle!

You meet great friends

All you have to do is understand the game and buy some henselite lawn bowls for sale to enter this activity and once you do so, you will meet some great friends for life! Lawn bowls is not a one-man activity and it requires a team of people, this is one of the greatest perks of playing lawn bowls! Whether you are young or old everyone needs friends and companionship, the best way for you to meet new people is through such activities where everyone can have fun every day.

A great spending of time

A lot of people as they near their elderly age and retire from work, would not have a lot of other ways to spend their time. Everyone wants to do something that they genuinely enjoy, and this is something lawn bowls can provide you with! So next time you wish you could be doing something fun and beneficial, join a lawn bowls team in your town to meet some great friends and have a wonderful time!

How To Have A Refreshing Workout?

When you are working all day and come home at night just to eat something while watching TV and then off to bed, it’s never going to do any good for you. Because do you have any idea how unhealthy your lifestyle is? If your workplace is a little close by, then you could have walked up there, so at least it could be considered as some exercise for yourself, but if it’s not, you may be driving to your workplace, and then sitting in front of your work desk which is very unhealthy in your case. So how do you going to change this lifestyles of yours and stay healthy? Because if you are not, then eventually you will face with different health issues over time. Therefore you have to take a solution for your problem. Let’s see how it’s done.

Make time for it

First thing first, you wouldn’t be able to do anything if you don’t have time because you are busy with your work. But the thing is, if you want something so badly, then you can actually find time for your tasks. And when it comes exercises, the fact doesn’t change. Because you could either go to a gym in the morning before you going to work or maybe in the evening after your work, you could choose the plan according to your liking. But whatever your time slot is, you have to let go all your laziness and engage in the exercises from the very beginning. Because you wouldn’t be able to do advanced exercises right at the beginning. Maybe some simple stretching and some floor work using gym mats Australia would be the ideal way to start your exercises. 

Things you would want when first starting

If you are someone who’s new to the gym, who has never tried anything other than a simple walk around your neighborhood just to walk your dog, then you have a long way to go. But like said, you could start your exercises in the lowest level. Start doing stretching to use couple of exercising machines you wouldn’t need to do couple of exercises while you are lying down, therefore, you could use gym mats for sale. And also you could use the outfits that would suit in for exercise. A water or any juice bottle to go with every time you visit the gym, some extra towels and most probably your music playlist going to keep you company when you are doing exercises for too long. Go here  for more information about gymnastics equipment

Healthy life

Having exercises is really good for your body. But exercises itself wouldn’t do the deed, you would have to take the instructions of your coach and have a balanced meal plan, this is very important if you are a person with a lot of fat and an enormous body. So if you follow thing routine, you could get a healthy figure over time.

The Melbourne Cup And Its Background


The Melbourne cup is a horse race carnival in Australia. It is one of the most prestigious and richest horse races in the country. It is done by the Victoria racing club. The Victoria racing club was founded in 1864. The first Melbourne cup race was held in 1861. It is held on the first Tuesday of November each year. It is held at the Flemington racecourse.

Ticket sales usually start by mid-march onwards. There is the general admission ticket, reserved seating and the precinct tickets. The general admission ticket allows the user to access the public lawn, there are betting rings and a range of food outlets. The reserved tickets are for the grandstand. This ticket holder can choose between the hill and lawn stand. The grandstand tickets areas are air-conditioned. The location with the social atmosphere is in the precinct section. This section is why the carnival is renowned for. This ticket has access to all public areas and entertainment between races. The Melbourne spring racing carnival 2017 was the most recent event and The Melbourne cup is one of the 3 major events.

Everyone has to adhere to a dress code. The dress code for the event is formal. Men have to wear tailored suits, sports coats, blazers etc. Ladies are expected to wear according to certain standard. The general admission does not have dress code to adhere to.

The distance of the race is 3200 meters. The entry fee for each horse is 600 dollars. Each year there around 400 horses are nominated but only 24 horses are selected to start. From 2012 onwards the prize money is 6,200,000 dollars. The winner is also given the Melbourne Cup.

Since 2003 there have been Melbourne cup tours which help in promoting the event. There are many racehorse syndicates that take part in these events. These tours include visiting schools, hospitals and taking part in community projects. Have a peek at this page if you are looking for racehorse syndicates.

The day of the Melbourne cup is declared a public holiday for those who work within the Melbourne region. Other than for the races, there are awarded to the best dressed man and woman. It is significant and traditional event in Australia. It is world famous and many foreigners take part in the events. The race itself has many foreign horses from foreign syndicates. The event is attended by around 100,000 people very year and the number keeps growing.

It is one of the most popular events and will continue to be so. It is known as the race that stops two nations as people from Australia and New Zealand are known to stop to watch the races.